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Pas Reform Hatchery Climate Control PAS Reform

Hatchery climate control
A breath of fresh air for chick quality

Care in ventilating and managing the hatchery environment is of paramount importance to good hatchability and chick quality.

The scale of operations in some of today's modern, commercial hatcheries means that millions of embryos are often accommodated and developed at any one time. To optimise performance and results, every single egg must have a constant flow of oxygen, while at the same time being protected from the adverse effects of carbon dioxide or contamination by Salmonella, Campylobacter or any other pathogen.

Total control under pressure

With climate control systems from Pas Reform, the hatchery manager has complete control over the environment in each room within the hatchery. Temperature, humidity and air pressure can be fully managed to ensure that the growing embryo can indeed reach its full potential.

Pas Reform achieves this with its unique uni-directional airflow system. This system employs positive and negative air pressure control in each, distinct area of the hatchery - a system that has proven its worth time and time again as an effective aid to truly effective biosecurity in the hatchery environment.

Our Climate Control systems:
  • Deliver fresh air intake to replace stale and possibly contaminated air in the hatchery.
  • Ensure that fresh air is not contaminated en route to the developing embryos.
  • Are proven highly effective in preventing cross-contamination in every area of the hatchery.
  • Deliver energy efficiency for significant cost-savings.
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