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Meeting tomorrow's challenges in the hatchery... today!

Good hatchability is no accident. Nature has created a heat-dependent process that draws on maternal body temperature and the production of metabolic heat to produce healthy, first-class chicks.

Nature has the answers, and our aim in the commercial hatchery must be to mimic these natural conditions as closely as possible, to produce very large numbers of healthy, first-class chicks that meet the ever growing demands of commercial poultry markets around the world.

The Setter

With capacities up to 115,200 hen eggs, SmartSet™ is the largest closed-door, single-stage incubator available on the market today. Once the trolleys are in, total system control is possible from outside the setter, eliminating any need to move trolleys during the setting period and fully preserving the integrity of heat management and distribution.

Features Include:

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The Hatcher

SmartHatch™ is a fully-automated hatching system that delivers accurately regulated
   - temperature
   - humidity
   - ventilation
an exemplary hatcher for high day old chick uniformity with no need for human intervention.

Features Include :

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Incubator controller

SmartDrive™ delivers total control over every function and setting within each, individual incubator, from humidity and CO2 levels and the position of air inlet valves, to the individual operating parameters - temperature, heating, cooling, ventilation and turning - required per batch/egg type.

Ergonomic design and the use of clear, full colour TFT displays and icons, allow SmartDrive™ to be configured quickly and simply to programme incubation conditions to meet breed-specific requirements.

Features Include :

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Hatchery Management System

Pas Reform's new Smart incubation system employs an intelligent, responsive, 24-hour 'brain': a powerful, simple-to-use total management information system that 'communicates' with every SmartDrive™ unit to continuously monitor each incubator and finetune settings to ensure that optimum conditions are maintained at all times.

Features Include :

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