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'The end of traditional marketing as we know it is here. Internet marketing will ultimately dominate the marketing world, with all other forms of marketing becoming subordinate to it. And firms focused on traditional marketing are only doing the equivalent of straightening deck chairs on the Titanic.'
Wolf, L 2008

This summary from Lynn Wolf offers an account of how the internet has affected the way we now communicate our brand and product information. If the purpose of marketing lies in the strategic growth of a company in a competitive market, this can now only be achieved effectively by embracing E-Marketing.

The internet offers a medium, which (provided the site does not charge a subscription fee) allows unlimited access to an equally unlimited amount of information for free.

Material such as brand names, logo's, corporate messages, journals and technical articles are reaching your very specific audience instantly with very little cost, as you avoid the expenses associated with traditional marketing methods.

Google and other search engines are now a feature of peoples working lives. Very precise information is instantly available at the touch of a button. Due to our high Google ranking and the fact we are an official Google news provider, our online material features consistently high amongst the Google searches. Your material is then found by search engines by people looking for material on this topic.

The following link provides a very good example:


'Search marketing is the most efficient way to find products or information and the best way for advertisers to find and acquire customers. For every lead obtained using a traditional marketing method, companies spend more money then they would using the Internet.'
Harris, V 2005

We are providing a very specific audience and delivering your company to that audience. Unlike traditional paper publications, where eyeballs can't be counted and messages are lost, we know how many times your message is viewed and your articles read. This is down to our Advantage software, which allows the advertiser to view reader uptake on all material.

Our reader figures are verified by Google Analytics, an external auditor. Whereas paper publications have been known to send multiple copies to the same address and count them in their readership figures, Google Analytics counts individual computers viewing our site.

Included in our marketing packages is the design service. If you require us to, we can design all of your material that appears on site. You will own all rights to this material and can use it anywhere you like, independently of our sites. This is a turnkey solution to your online marketing needs. We cut out all of the middle men!

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